(alphabetical order)

Lao Temple Vipassana Forest Lake:

Lao Buddhist Temple of Minnesota (Wat Lao Minnesota):

Meditation Center of Minnesota (วัดศรีมัคคญาณ มินนิโซตา: Previously, Samnaksong Chaimongkol): 

Minnesota Meditation Center USA (Watphradhamakaya): 

Wat Anoka Dhammaram (Wat Lao Anoka):

Wat Lao Xayabhoummaram - East Bethel of Minnesota:

Watt Munisotaram (Combodian Temple):

Wat Promwachirayan (Wat Thai Of MN):

Wat Sirijundhawas:


Miss Star Mission:

Thai Christian Fellowship Church (@Community of Nations Church):


Thai Cultural Council of MN (St. Louis Park) - a division of Wat Promwachirayan

Thai Students of Minnesota, located at University of Minnesota - open to students from different colleges and schools

This page lists non-profit organizations that help enriching Thai culture and arts in Minnesota. ThaiAM uses this page to help promote local Thai (non-profit) businesses. Nonetheless, ThaiAM does not endorse on any businesses on this page. Please contact us if you would like to be listed on this page. Update-In-Progress.