Current Team

ThaiAM is dedicated to empowering the Thai community in Minnesota to create positive change in the quality of life for persons with Thai heritage. In addition, ThaiAM promotes knowledge of Thai culture and language education, serves as a bridge for all Thai organizations, and acts as a liaison between the Thai community and Thai government agencies.

2021 ThaiAM Team


  • Orapat Sivatanpisit [บี๋/B+]

Executive Officers

  • President (interim): Sombat Supunniam [แซม/Sam]

  • Vice-President: Kin Chan [คิน/Kin]

  • Secretary: Konnasa Traceski [แนน/Nan]

  • Treasure: Chanathip King [หลิว/Leuw]

Board of Directors

  1. Nicha Angpairoj [เอย/Aey]

  2. Dr. Pramote Hochareon [เอ้/Ay]

  3. Phattarawadee Maneerit [แก้ว/Kaew]

  4. Tongta Supunniam [อ๋อย/Ooy+]

  5. Phanarat Tersteeg [เปิ้ล/Ple]

Thai Student Association of Minnesota (ThaiSA) Representative

  • Donpon Wannasin (ดล/Don) -secretary


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