What We Do

ThaiAM Annual Activities:

    • August - September: ThaiAM hosts Thai Picnic - A traditional families gathering event where we have Thai food, music, performances, and game for children (tag-of-war and musical chairs are our favorate). We have been hosting Thai Picnic over decades now at Island Lake County Park

    • May - September: ThaiAM assists Consular Mobile Service Royal Thai Consulate-General, Chicago. This was usually part of the Thai Picnic, but has changed to be on its own dates since 2017 to better serve the Thai community. We continue our assistance to the Consulate regardless of when and where the service is hosted.

    • November- December: Year end meeting that may include Thank-You parties for volunteers, Xmas/New Year to celebrate the work we do in that year, Transitions of a new team (if fall on the end-term year).

In additional to our yearly activities, ThaiAM also hosts the following events:

    • Thai Night is usually organized to raise funds for the organization, but some time we do it for a good cause such as Thai Night 2011 was co-organized with the Thai Student of Minnesota (ThaiSA) to raise fund for Thai flood victims in Thailand. Thai Night's format follows standard gala dinner with pre-sale buffet tickets. The event has silent auctions and performances in additonal to buffet.

    • Thai-Minnesota Children's day is a new intiative at ThaiAM as we aim to get the children to involve and learn more of how Thai culture can be related to them. We have great success on the 2017 and 2018 events and plan to include this intiative as part of our yearly activities.

    • Eulogy to the King Bhumibol Adulyadej was organized to give respect to the King who passed in October 2016.

    • Festival of Thailand were organized twice in 2007 and 2009 to promote Thai cultures to the public at a larger scale (over 3000 attendees). The two events were success, but the events consumed much of our resources that we have to put it on hold for now.

2019 New initiatives:

    • Thai Cultural Presentation at Schools (School Showcase) - This initiative is to support and promote Thai culture to the younger generations. ThaiAM had done this for many years in the past but we had to pause in the past two years. Now, we are ready to support this initiative once again! If you would like ThaiAM to do this presentation at your children's school, please do not hesitate to contact us. There is no cost to the school or to the guardians. With limited resources, we may only do up to 4-6 events each year.

    • Minnesota Professional Connect - this initiative is in a developing phase. This initiative will be focused on carreer development. If you are interested in joining our development team, please don't hesitate to contact us!

    • Educational Seminars - this initiative will be focused on providing helpful informaton such as health insurance, Green card & Citizenship, Royal Thai Consulate-General Chicago service, and any other requested topic from members. Please email us to request your topics.

Please CONTACT US if you have ideas to share or would like to volunteer with us!