The Thai Association of Minnesota (ThaiAM) is a non-profit organization established in 1995. This organization is for Thai community in Minnesota. Our mission is to affect positively the quality of life for persons with Thai heritage. The organization also communicates the desires and perspective of our members to governmental agencies and the public at large.

1. Support Thai communities
2. Promote Thai businesses or employment
3. Promote the well-being of Thai Association of Minnesota members 

Annual Thai picnic event objectives (in August):
  • Give a networking opportunity for new and current people with other non-profit organizations (i.e. Thai church & temples).  
  • Give a real hands-on opportunity for other new volunteers to organize a real event such as planning, IT, printed ads, social media promotion, art performance, project coordination, public speaking, and etc in the team's environment.  Hope these experiences will benefit their current and future careers.  
  • Give an entrepreneurial opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to try out his/her business idea, in the real action. 

2017-2018 Members:
President: Sombat (Sam)

Vice President: Kin Chan (Assistance of treasurer, LinkedIn and IT)

Secretary: Kritsana Pregent

Treasurer: Luew  (IT assistance)

Information of Technologies: Dr. Pramote (2017-2018 Children's day, Facebook and Web Leaders)

Board of Members: Konnasa Traceski (Facebook administrator)

Board of Members:  Ooy. (President's assistance)

Board of Members: Pum Kornpipatna (2017-2018 Children's day leader)
Board of Members: Nuntana Erickson (Leader of Artist)

Board of Members: Nicha Angpairoj (2017 Festival of Nation Exhibition Leader)

Board of Members: Parichart (2018 Festival of Nation Exhibition Leader)

ThaiAM Sr. adviser : Dr. Cathy (2017-2018 Festival of Nation Chair)

Senior Adviser: Suwanna Lee (Treasurer adviser)

Thai Artist Instructor: Eiang

Senior adviser: Titima To (No-profit tax adviser)

Event photographer: TBD