The Thai Association of Minnesota (ThaiAM) is a non-profit organization established in 1995. This organization is for Thai community in Minnesota. Our mission is to affect positively the quality of life for persons with Thai heritage. The organization also communicates the desires and perspective of our members to governmental agencies and the public at large.
Purpose of ThaiAM
The board of Directors runs the organization, manages annual events and works on activities for ThaiAM. The purpose of the organization is the following:
    - To promote the well-being of our members.
    - To promote the education of Thai culture and language.
    - To assist the scholarship of the Thai Student and scholars especially in Minnesota.
    - To promote business and employment of immigrates and affiliates in Minnesota.
    - To solicit, manage and distribute funds and means for the endowment to support activities for cultural and social service needs for its members and their families.