ThaiAM Newsletter 26/04/62

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ThaiAM Newsletter 260462: 2019 Festival of Nations - ThaiAM: Phi Ta Khon Exhitbit (ซุ้มผีตาโขน)

2019 ThaiAM Board Members

President: Sombat S. [แซม/Sam]
Vice-President: Kin C. [คิน/Kin]
Secretary: Konnasa T. [แนน/Nan]
Treasure:  Chanatip K. [หลิว/Leuw]

Board Members:

Nicha A. [เอย/Aey]
Nantana E. [อ้อย/Ooy]
Pramote H.  [เอ้/Ay]
Phattarawadee M. [แก้ว/Kaew]
Cattleya O. [จูน/June]
Orapat S. [บี๋/B+]
Tongta S. [อ๋อย/Ooy+]
Vilaiwan S. [ปุ้ม/Pum]
Phanarat T. [เปิ้ล/Ple]

If you would like to join our team, please email us: ThaiAM@thaiofmn.org


ThaiAM Texting

ข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์อื่นๆ [Public Relations] 
[Submit your events to ThaiAM@thaiofmn.org to be included in this section. ThaiAM will review your events and if appropriate, we will include them in our newsletter. Thank you.] 

งานประเพณีสงกรานต์ (Thai New Year)

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